With RLE strong globally technical supports, 

our Chinese team will work on to provide engineering services that aim at quality, 

timeliness and cost-effectiveness, 

sticking to satisfy customers requirements and exceeding their expectations.

  • Body And Closure Team Service

    Body And Closure Team Service

    Supported by a strong professional German body design team, RLE CN Body & Closure team can provide customers with a complete set of body & closure design and development solutions with flexibility, speediness and efficiency, which includes concept design, competitive vehicle benchmarking, detailed structural design of body & closure, design verification, and launch technical support etc.

  • CAE


    CAE function team is responsible for the virtual validation and structural optimization of product performance by CAE software. In the benchmark phase, the simulation method can achieve the performance values quickly which will provide the reference target for the following design. In the product design phase, the simulation method can validate and optimize the product structure which will make the design more robust and decrease the number of physical test.
    CAE function team can provide the services:
    Vehicle and subsystem meshing and assembly ( Structural & durability / Crash / NVH )
    Vehicle and subsystem structural & durability simulation & optimization

  • Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics

    Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics

    Chassis R&H performance simulation and analysis
    Performance target setting
    Benchmark test and evaluation
    Chassis tuning
    Chassis System integration
    Chassis component development

  • EV


    1. Customized design and refitting of electric vehicle, which includes complete vehicle simulation, car parts selection and development, controller strategy development and related services regarding EV research, testing and validation.
    2. Prototype development and manufacturing towards body electronic and chassis electronic.

  • EE


    Based on the expertise internal and RLE Global team, RLE China EE team could provide efficient EE related engineering services for customer, which include:
    1. Infotainment system testing – test bench setup, test vehicle retrofit and integration test
    2. Demo product development – software and hardware
    3. Software flashing support

  • Solution of Vehicle Lightweight Design

    Solution of Vehicle Lightweight Design

    We provide comprehensive solution for vehicle lightweight, material testing and structure validations. In cooperation with Henkel, RLE implemented the project of "virtual show car", achieved the innovative hybrid design combining a structure and structural adhesive applications, successfully reduced the weight of body-in-white (including the open and closure parts) to 389 kg from 431 kg, reduced the joint number by 6%, and reached the required crash target.