We provide various services: road test, customized test, 

vehicle retrofit, benchmark study, marketing research 

and aftersales service throughout vehicle development processes.

  • Road Test

    Road Test

    Road Test business involves Public/PG road mileage accumulation and data acquisition test, which covers mileage accumulation reliability, durability and road spectrum measurement. We provide customers with test plan, project management, human resource preparation, assessment and management, test implementation, test result output, test objective analysis and some other complete solutions as well.

  • Customer Customization Test

    Customer Customization Test

    Customer Customization Test involves development validation, production validation and research test, which involves the performance of the vehicle and parts, reliability and durability test. We provide customers with complete solutions on conducting or developing test standards, including test plan, test place, equipment confirmation and calibration, test group set up, test parts preparation, test management and control, test output verification and analysis.

  • Test Service

    Test Service

    Test Service involves test resources renting which meet the test requirements, such as test ground, facilities such as high and low temperature environmental chamber with drum and rain, equipment (LMS, V-box, DEWETRON…), testing vehicle, for example, benchmark car, mule car, retrofit car),vehicle performance driving training, consultative conference organization, aftermarket research.

  • ADAS Testing

    ADAS Testing

    We provide ADAS system test solution according to customer control system function; For active control ADAS (ACC/AEB/LKS, etc.), early warning ADAS (FCW/LDW/PCW, etc.) and other auxiliary ADAS (BSD/ADB/ panoramic parking, etc.), directional control strategy validation, system network performance test, euro-NCAP virtual scenes test, failure mode test, data acquisition and analysis and other services.